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14th Annual Cynthia Irwin-Williams Memorial Lecture – 2013

BELOW: A New Video Detailing Cynthia Irwin-Williams’ Life and Accomplishments

The Bluff Great House and The Chaco Phenomenon

By Catherine M. Cameron

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The Bluff great house site is located on the San Juan River in southeastern Utah.  It was the focus of six seasons of excavation research conducted by the University of Colorado (CU).  Bluff had some involvement with Chaco Canyon, the great Pueblo center of the 9th to 12th centuries and is one of the few Chacoan sites in this region to have been recently excavated.   The location, in use since at least A.D. 500, saw the construction of a multi-storied Chacoan great house, great kiva, earthern “berm,” and prehistoric road segments in the late 11th or early 12th centuries.  The great house continued to be used (perhaps most intensively) during the…

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