Kudos To Doug

I just wanted to thank Doug Sain for all the great photos he took over the field season this year.

Good luck in the new post.



About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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3 Responses to Kudos To Doug

  1. Robert Sain says:

    I am Douglas’ Dad, and am so proud of all the great work that he has been doing this spring and summer at Black Water and also at Topper. We are so proud of his work and look forward to the work that he will be doing in the future. He has become a great archeologist, but even more, is a great son!

  2. David Kilby says:

    Thanks, Doug, for being a skilled (and prolific!) photographer and a solid crew chief. You were a great assett to the project.

  3. Douglas Sain says:

    Thanks guys. This seasons photographs would not have been possible without the great fieldwork and archaeology conducted by the 2009 ENMU field school, and the direction provided by David and George.

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