Field school wrap-up

The 2010 Blackwater Draw Field School ended officially last Friday.  The addition of two professional helpers and two excellent Graduate Assistants made for a very smooth and productive season.  A summary of this year’s activities so far…

We continued opening more area in the pit from last year encountering more intact and articulated bone in both the late Paleoindian level and the (probable) Folsom level.  Although the Folsom level is barely uncovered (2 square meters) there appears to be no rodent activity and the bone preservation is good.  This is mostly due to the sediments consisting of diatomaceous earth which is dense, calcium rich, and very abrasive.  More good news from the Folsom level is the presence of at least one lithic artifact and several chunks of charcoal around and under the bone.

During this field project we were lucky enough to have some help from Drs Holiday and Haynes with coring in our southern research area as well as on the Mitchell Locality.  This southern area is being explored after an extensive surface survey last summer recovered a large number of exotic raw materials in the form of pressure flakes.  Five 1 x 1 units and a 1 x 3 trench were excavated to the 17,000 year B.P. strata in the southern locality which yielded about 1000 flakes.  More information on this area to follow.

We will be excavating about one more week later in the summer to test an area previously unexplored but known through erosion to contain both cultural materials and extinct fauna.  More updates to follow.  Really…


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