Updating the Bibliography

My first task as I familiarize myself with web page upkeep is maintenance of the  Bibliography.  I have made some very preliminary corrections and adjustments.  My goal is to verify and correct all of the posted bibliographic information, update references related to research associated with Blackwater Draw, and continue to enhance the related Paleoindian Articles section.  I am currently creating a separate list of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations for easier searching.  For now, it is at the bottom of the Bibliography page.

This project is just getting started and will be ongoing so if anyone sees something I have overlooked, mistaken, or just clearly gotten wrong please let me know.  If anyone has suggestions for related articles, please forward to me with COMPLETE bibliographic information so I can add it to our list.

Take some time to check out the bibliography  you may just find something you’ve been searching for or discover something new.

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4 Responses to Updating the Bibliography

  1. boldurian says:

    Thanks for your efforts at updating the BWD Bibliography.

    The following contributions, listed after Antevs, Ernst, appear WITHOUT author attribution (“Boldurian, Anthony T”):


    Thanks for making the appropriate corrections at your convenience.


    • trowelgal says:

      Thank you for catching my error! You are now duly credited, my apologies. I am beginning my corrections with the periodical articles and transferring the theses and dissertations. I lost your reference when I transferred your thesis. Thanks for checking, Stacey.

  2. boldurian says:

    Thanks for making the correction I requested.

    Unfortunately, in so doing, you listed my name such that I now have benn given credit for two of Ernst Antevs’ publications–1949 and 1955.

    Please move my name down two articles. I start with: 1986 Draft Outline…..

    Anthony T. Boldurian

  3. trowelgal says:

    Thanks again.

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