Pleistocene Fauna in the News

Animals that died over a long period during the Ice Age(s) were recently discovered at Snowmass, Colorado.

“For two weeks, Denver Museum of Nature & Science crews have been pulling out treasures: five or more mastodons, a bison skull with 7-foot horn span, a couple of Columbian mammoths, a giant Jefferson ground sloth (the state’s first), complete deer with antlers, salamanders, snails, two more bison — a “prehistoric zoo,” as local headlines read.”

Although the details are still not completely clear, the site appears to span tens of thousands of years and represents animals dying at the high altitude watering hole.  There are crustaceans preserved in the eolian sediment which should provide information about the environment at the pond.

So far, it is estimated that there are as many as a dozen mammoths in the site. Read the Denver Post article here

More photos can be found on Flikr:


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