Archival Photo of the Week

The photo archives of the Blackwater Draw site contain thousands of photographs dating back to the 1930s.  Michele Green, a graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University, is currently undertaking the enormous task of converting these images into a digital format.  As photographs enter the digital database we will select some of those images for our Archival Photo of the Week post.  These images help illustrate the history of discovery and transformation of the Clovis site.

The Archival photo of the Week post attempts to present some of the lesser known photographs of excavation in progress, past workers and excavators at the site, and overviews and images from the period of the active gravel mining operation on the property.  If you have visited the Blackwater Draw archaeological site and are familiar with the present landscape, you may recognize some of views from different areas around the site.  The information connected to many of these photographs is limited and any comments or additional information to add to our archives is welcome.

Many of these photographs have never been published or made available to the public and any unauthorized use of these photographs is strictly prohibited.


A large turtle carapace (shell) excavated from the standing water at the Clovis site in 1960.  Ernest  Lundelius (1972:150) identified this carapace to the genus Testudo rather than the smaller and more commonly found turtle genus Terrapene from the site. The hand in the photo rests on top of the shell to provide scale.  Numerous turtle remains were discovered during excavations at the Blackwater Draw site, many dating to the Clovis cultural period and some even earlier.  Three of these shells have been restored and are on display at the visitor center at the Blackwater Draw site. Gordon Greaves is credited for taking this photograph.

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