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Recently, I found myself searching through the internet looking at various archaeology websites and I stumbled across one named Archaeology Wordsmith.  It is sort of like a for archaeology words.  It seems like they have a definition for seemingly every word I could think of, such as this one on Blackwater Draw:

Blackwater Draw
CATEGORY: site; culture
DEFINITION: The deeply stratified type site for the Clovis point and Llano complex, located near Clovis, New Mexico, with evidence of occupation from the earliest Paleo-Indian through the Archaic period. Clovis points have been found associated with mammoth bones and Folsom points have been found with bison bones. Also found: Agate Basin points, Cody complex points, a Frederick point, and tools of the Archaic period. Blackwater Draw is also used to evaluate the chronological sequences at other sites. The Blackwater Draw Museum exhibits 12,000-year-old artifacts from the area‘s archaeological sites.

So, if you ever find yourself wanting a definition for an archaeology word, or if you’re just bored and need something to pass the time, check out

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