The Archaeology Channel

For several years now I have chosen not to have a television, opting instead to meet my visual entertainment needs primarily through online streaming video.  The websites that I typically view include more popular ones, such as Hulu and Youtube, but I have recently stumbled across a fantastic website known as The Archaeology Channel.

The Archaeology Channel contains dozens of archaeology related documentaries and lectures, as well as audio programs, and a monthly half-hour news show focusing on archaeological topics and stories from around the world.  I highly recommend watching the documentaries/lectures on Çatalhöyük, The Iraq Museum, and “Finding Clovis” (about the Topper Site in South Carolina).

At the bottom of this page you can find a link to The Archaeology Channel homepage, or you can connect to the Video News page by clicking on the image above.  I hope you find these videos as enjoyable, informative and educational as I have.  Happy Watching!!!

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