Florida Governor and Anthropology

In a radio interview on Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott went on the offensive and openly questioned the value of educating Anthropologists, and suggested shifting money away from the Social Sciences.  He proposes that the money would be better spent within the Business and Natural Sciences programs.

Florida Governor Rick Scott.

It is unfortunate that the Governor of Florida doesn’t appreciate and undervalues the work of Anthropologists.  The work of Anthropologists and Archaeologists conducted for well over a century now has increasingly given us an understanding of our human cultures, both past and present, and this work must continue- as must the support of state governments and universities.  I hope the Governor of Florida will change his views and I hope that these views don’t become a nation wide trend, with other governors and politicians attacking Anthropology and the social sciences.

Here are a couple of links to the story:



And a related story:

“Gov. who singled out anthropology degrees as job market losers has daughter with that degree”

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