Dust Storm

We are in the new Dust Bowl.  There have been more than a few dust-filled days this year but the Haboob yesterday was pretty phenomenal.  Luckily, Ward Beers, an employee at the site got some photos from Portales.

The temperature plummeted and it was virtually impossible to see outside.  The wind seemed to come from several directions at once.  Between the open plowed land and fires, there is little to hold down the sediments.

Here is a good video shot from across the Texas border of the storm approaching:



About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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One Response to Dust Storm

  1. Ben Swadley says:

    This looks like an amazing dust storm. I remember during my days at Texas Tech in Lubbock, I saw one of these storms blow up. The huge wall of dust defies description but your images are excellent. I am glad you don’t use an old school SLR – it would probably quit working and freeze up with dust.

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