Climate Change Study at the Clovis site

“Climate Change in New Mexico” is a new class offered by Dr. Kilby at ENMU for undergraduate students to directly participate in the scientific study of the effects of long-term climate change by focusing on the Pleistocene-Holocene transition (about 12,000 years ago).

The class is attended by students from Anthropology, Geology, and Biology departments, who actively participate in collecting field samples, analyzing results, and reconstructing past environmental changes from the Ice Age to the present.

The Clovis site provides a stratigraphically ideal opportunity for students to learn the basics of collecting samples for radiocarbon and OSL dating, as well as sediment, pollen, phytolith, diatom, and stable isotope analysis.

The slideshow documents the class taking samples from the east profile of Isequilla’s Pit on the South Bank of the Clovis site.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This class is supported by an NSF New Mexico EPSCoR grant.

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