Blade Cache

A little lithic eye-candy for tool-users out there.  These are some quick photos I shot while making an examination of some blades for the ongoing tool analysis here at Blackwater Locality 1 (LA3324).  Excuse the poor quality of the photos but look forward to seeing them in full all-color glossy glory in the future.

In 1990 a tool cache, including four blades and a large, unifacial flake knife, was unearthed along the western margin of the prehistoric pond on the Clovis site by Joanne Dickenson.  Many blades are known from the site and are fairly typical of the Clovis tool-kit, being used as knives, scrapers, and preforms for other tools.

All of these tools were made from extremely high quality Edwards Plateau chert from Texas, although not from the same core.  This material hints at the vast distances traveled by early hunter-gatherers on the high plains.


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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