Bird Watching at Blackwater

There are many bird watchers that visit the Blackwater Draw site.  Many visitors gleefully return from their mile hike around the site, binoculars dangling, to mention particular bird sightings.  This weekend was a delightful exception. One of our visitors, Robert Templeton of northern New Mexico, provided such extensive knowledge of migratory birds and returned with a list of birds that he and Karen Cohen witnessed during their visit, it seemed necessary to post the list.

Please visit Robert’s site to learn more, and keep the lists coming!


Ladder-backed Woodpecker. Just one of the birds spotted this weekend.
Image from

April 6, 2013 bird sightings at Blackwater by Robert Templeton

  • Northern Harrier
  • Eurasian Collared-dove
  • Mourning Dove
  • House Finch
  • Western Meadowlark
  • White-crowned Sparrow
  • Rock Wren
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Say’s Phoebe
  • Ladder-backed Woodpecker
  • Chipping Sparrow
  • Killdeer
  • Barn Owl
  • Great-tailed Grackle
  • Swainson’s Hawk
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