Breaking News About Paleoindians at Clovis!!!


Portales Daily News.  Note that there was no “Clovis” cultural group yet…\

News1936-1jpgNews1936-2jpgClick HERE for the pdf, with bonus Coronado article OR link below:


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3 Responses to Breaking News About Paleoindians at Clovis!!!

  1. woolly1983 says:

    Can you identify the two points shown in the article? Since the Clovis culture had yet to be identified, I was wondering if there is any ID on these two points. Regardless, great article. I wish I had been one of those high school students that helped “dig.”

    • Paleotool says:

      Like so many of our artifacts from the early work, we don’t have these points in our collections. Probably in a shoebox under a bed somewhere.

      • Ben Swadley says:

        Thank you for the prompt reply. I understand. I am the superintendent of a Mississippian site in Arkansas and I am have heard of so many artifacts collected before the park was established that it makes me ill. No one seems to know what happened to any of then – like that effigy pot Uncle Elmer found near the mound….it was real cool, but no one knows where it is now. This is why archeologists do what they do folks. Collect, catalog and record. Only then is the information and the artifact available forever.

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