Relative Size and Other Important Tidbits

TitanesWhen we think of Pleistocene fauna, we usually think big.  The above image was assembled by Roberto Díaz Sibaja on his wonderful blog Palaeos, la historia de la vida en la tierra.  I love the fact that he has created, for many of his animal-size related posts, a real scale that nearly all of us can relate to; a human and a Volkswagen Beetle.  Look closely at his human silhouette and you can see some attitude hidden there.

M trogontheriiNot an archaeology blog but a broader and probably smarter view of the biological world through paleontology and evolution.  He covers so many facets of the natural world including many fossil animals from dinosaurs to modern camelids.

B latifronsThis is just a small example of one of his posts, but one I find myself referring to when trying to illustrate scale.

A agustidensHe treats his blog entries in a manner I wish I had the time and energy to create, using links and (god forbid) actual references.  A truly unique way to write on the internet.

D shoshonensisClick the link below and prepare to learn about our interesting past.

Logo 1 corregido


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