How Do Creationists Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like?

From Chasing the Raptor

“While watching a video of the Creationist Museum in Kentucky, with its impressively-detailed animatronic full-scale dinosaur models, I was struck by the thought: how do creationists know what dinosaurs looked like? I mean: there are these moving, snarling model dinosaurs in an institution which has elevated pseudoscience to the dubious level of a theme park attraction, and whose staff (at least, in the various interviews which I have seen them give) appear to have a near-pathological disdain for the scientific method. So how do creationists know what dinosaurs looked like?”

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2 Responses to How Do Creationists Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like?

  1. robertlfs says:

    The creationist museum is actually a rather interesting place in several respects. The visual and sound is top notch for impact. The way the creationists know what dinasours looked like is that they rip off all of the work done by paleontologists and slap a 2700 BC date on everything by counting up the begats in the Bible. Really pretty amazing. So they have this one video playing where you have the creationist dude standing there saying “I have examined all the bones and I think this thing dates to 2700 years BC.” Then you have the scientist, who is crouched down and in a subordinate position saying “I have examined the bones and I think that this thing is 25 million years old.” Then the narrators voice comes on and says “Same facts, different interpretations.” Then you find out that the creationists interprets through the lens of the Word of God and the paleontologist through some mere mortal scientific testing.

    I was disappointed with the shallowness of their argument. It’s all Word of Abrahamic God via Genesis vs. everything else. So if you are a literalist you need nothing else. If you possess any critical thinking skills, then it falls flat. Here is a review I wrote of the place a few years ago.

    • Paleotool says:

      Thanks for that response Robert. Not to be insensitive but either you can use thought and examine facts or you can just believe a story. No contest for an intelligent being.

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