New Studies of Giant Ground Sloth Burrows in Brazil


I wrote about ground sloth burrows a few months ago (See:  At the time I was unaware of more recent studies of newly discovered paleoburrows in Brazil.  Heinrich Frank and his students have published at least 54 research papers about these surprising structures, and their work is available at this website—

Inside one of the paleoburrows studied by Heinrich Frank and his students.  This one is so large it must have been made by a ground sloth.  Be sure to click on the paleotocas link above for more photos.  There are some photos of the claw marks on the sides of the tunnels but they were within pdf files that I couldn’t cut and paste to my blog.

Within the last few years, Heinrich Frank has documented the discovery of 60 paleoburrow complexes of 1-25 tunnels each.  The total number of paleoburrows includes 45 intact tunnels and…

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