A basic OxCal tutorial

Chronology and Identity

During some collaborative work I’ve been asked to convert radiocarbon dates from BP into BC using OxCal, it’s pretty simple so I thought I’d write a little how to.  This is useful if you are wanting to compare different dates from the literature but you only have the BP values.

Firstly, It’s best to use the online version of OxCal at https://c14.arch.ox.ac.uk there is also a download version but I’ve found it to be a bit blippy!

The program will ask for you to create a username and password.  Once you have done this and can access the program you should get a screen which looks like this.

oxcal ss 1

From here you need to go to file and select ‘new’.  This will then open a new window which you can input dates into.


Then all you need to do is press ‘insert’ this will open a little tab for you to enter…

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