Who Has Gotten National Science Foundation Archaeology Money, Interesting Results

Doug's Archaeology

Last week I presented data on National Science Foundation funding for the archaeology/Archaeometry programs and then I examined funds for archaeology projects outside of these programs. I also gave the raw data so anyone can check my results.

In that raw data are the listed Principal Investigators for each project. I took a look at that data to see if there were any ‘star’ principal investigators, at least for archaeology. This is based off of the Archaeology and Archaeology-related grants, not those that are only briefly related to archaeology (see here for discussion of the difference). Here are the top 20 performers in terms of amount won adjusted for inflation:

Name Number of Grants Amount Amount Adjusted for Inflation
David Cooper 3  $6,163,520.00  $7,505,860.75
Douglas Donahue 5  $3,970,971.00  $6,728,909.93
Michael Goodchild 1  $4,335,573.00  $6,062,437.45
T. Douglas Price 32  $3,849,165.00  $5,546,182.90
Curtis Marean 13  $4,088,408.00  $4,799,673.11
Herbert Maschner 13

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