Tusk Weight

I have been searching for some time for information about the weight of mammoth tusks.  I quite inadvertently came across this today while searching something else.  Such is the way of libraries and the internet.  It seems that the old estimates for a fifteen to sixteen foot long tusk weighing over 300 pounds is fairly realistic when compared to some African elephant examples from the nineteenth century.   headertusksFrom Work, No. 161, 1892.


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One Response to Tusk Weight

  1. Lee Hulcher says:

    We found a set of mammoth tusks several years ago, 10.5 and 11 foot, a matched set that came from an Alaskan Wholly Mammoth that weighted 105 and 155 after they had sat and dried for several years. The animal that carried them stood a good 16′ at the shoulder from measurements taken for the remains of the leg bone found nearby. For more information on the subject check out Fossil Ivory Group on Facebook.

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