2015 Atlatl Day at Blackwater Draw

It’s been seven years since this fell on Halloween and it was great to see people dress in costume to come out; especially the little kids.

DSC_0001 (12)

Thanks to all who attended and supported the Mu Alpha Nu Atlatl Day again this year.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  A big thank you goes to Aaron, Lincoln, Trish, Laura, Becky, Mara, and the rest of the club whom I’m forgetting this morning, for picking up the slack and getting things together in a hurry.  Corey, as usual, handled the office and business end of things during the competition.  Overall, attendance was only slightly down due more to some specific conflicts of date rather than the late advertising.  We missed the enormous group that often comes from NMMI and a couple of the groups from the central valley that have participated in the past.  It is a very long drive.

There were 76 people at the pavilion area at the beginning of the contest and a mid-day car count was 46.  We think (it’s hard to keep track) that we had about 150 total throughout the day.  Aaron counted a total of 35 competitors signed in with a LOT more small children than we have ever had in the past.  We may need to make a contingency course for them in future.

We owe a debt gratitude to Tommy Heflin again for providing some pretty exciting prizes in the form of signed replica Clovis points he made specifically for the event.  He and his wife, Joletha, decided to go forward with the annual pig and turkey roast at their amazing house, again at their own expense.  He is the only person who has attended every one of these since before they were even an official event back in the late 90s.

I sincerely hope that Mu Alpha Nu ATLATL DAY at BLACKWATER DRAW continues as a student led, club event.  It was a lot to handle this year but everything, down to the weather came out perfectly.  Thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen, against some mysterious and ridiculous resistance from unexpected quarters.  I believe it was a great time for everyone who participated and we received many personal “thanks” from community members.


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    Here’s the annual atlatl event I help put on at the Clovis Site.

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