Projectile Points from the Upper Magdalenian; expanding horizons beyond North America

Projectile insets and backed pieces from the Upper Magdalenian of La Madeleine (Tursac, Dordogne, France), new data from lithic technology

Alexis Taylor, in Paleo, Revue d’Archeologie Prehistorique


From a reconstruction, Magdalenian bladelettes in antler spear point.

I never lost interest in the Upper Paleolithic of Europe despite the fact I ended up living half a world away.  The Magdalenian is when things become especially interesting technologically (to me) in Europe.  Have a look at this article (in English even) for some insight into tools from La Madeleine and even some interesting information for the modern knapper who wishes to replicate this ancestral toolkit.  I think, in the rare cases where bone and antler preserve in the New World, we could benefit from looking at this technology as an analog for Clovis.


Stone tool fragments are not the end-all of Upper Paleolithic or Paleoindian technology but a small part of a much wider system for surviving in a complex world.  It is worth looking beyond our constructed borders to learn as much as we can without wearing self-imposed blinders.


Have a look at the rest of this short, but interesting article HERE.


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