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Reality of Climate Fluxuation

I saw this on a young anthropologist’s Tumblr page this morning and really appreciated it.  I could not find an author’s name to credit it properly so I hope someone can point me in the right direction.  A pen name … Continue reading

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Heinrich Events Caused Annual Mass Whale Strandings during the Pleistocene and early Holocene

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
Despite the universal chorus of politicized alarmists, earth is currently experiencing a period of relative climatic stability compared to the dramatic climatic fluctuations that occurred during the Pleistocene.  The presence of vast ice sheets in the…

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3D Clovis Wrench, Shaft Straightener or Rope Tool — selden3d

While there are a number of theories regarding what this particular mammoth bone artifact from the Murray Springs site (AZ EE:8:25[ASM] [10885 B.P.]) may represent, some more plausible and well-supported than others, I certainly could not pass up the opportunity … Continue reading

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3D Clovis Blade Core from Kincaid Shelter — selden3d

While scanning Clovis points at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, we also took the opportunity to scan a Clovis blade core from Kincaid Shelter. TARL-CLOVIS-41UV2-908-2489 by Dr. Robert Z. Selden Jr. on Sketchfab Many thanks to the faculty and staff … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: James J. Hester

In Memoriam: James J. Hester from: The SAA Archaeological Record — September 2016, Volume 16, Number 4 Vance Haynes I recall meeting Jim while he was a graduate assistant for Professor Frank C. Hibben at the University of New Mexico.This … Continue reading

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Agate Basin Points from Blackwater Draw NHS

Originally posted on selden3d:
In addition to the Miles Collection and the Clovis points that we scanned while at #ENMU, we also scanned two Agate Basin projectile points. View and interact with them below! ? ?

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The smoking gun ‘proving ancient man killed woolly mammoth 45,000 years ago’

Originally posted on Ancientfoods:
The mammoth was found on the left bank of Yenisey river, not far from Sopochnaya Karga meterological station. Pictures: Vladimir Pitulko, Alexei Tikhonov ? Original article: By Anna Liesowska 30 May 2016 ? When Science…

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Smilodon Tracks in Argentina

A lot of what we know about ancient animals is pretty speculative.  It is usually based on some sound reasoning but that often comes from small, scattered clues built up over many years (not just a quick Google search).  There … Continue reading

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Shelf Life, Part 1

Today is International Museum Day and to celebrate, we’re taking you behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History! In this video series, Shelf Life, dive deep inside the Museum’s collection to discover the past, present, and future … Continue reading

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When evolution just gives up – The mighty Sloth

Damn, Megalonyx jeffersonii, you really let yourself go. via When evolution just gives up — Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week

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3D Cardboard Puzzle–Clovis Point

Originally posted on selden3d:
Have you ever wanted to make a 3D cardboard puzzle of a Clovis point? Now you can! Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to scan a selection of Clovis points from the Blackwater Draw NHS,…

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Another Mammoth Killer

ENMU – Clovis Point (LA3324-24156) by Dr. Robert Z. Selden Jr. on Sketchfab From the North Bank mammoth kills.

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