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Oleta Joanne Dickenson, Obituary

1940-2016 Joanne Miller Dickenson, 75, of Melrose, NM died January 27, 2016, in her home in Rose Bud, AR, with her family by her side. She was born to the late John W. and Ina Miller, December 21, 1940, in … Continue reading

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Mammoths in Corvallis, Oregon

Unless you live under a rock, or are lucky enough to avoid all media, you probably know there is some good and interesting news from Oregon this week. Loren Davis, an associate professor of anthropology at OSU, was called to … Continue reading

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Sweet Corn Our Ancestors Would Recognize©

Originally posted on Thehistoricfoodie's Blog:
I’m interested in vegetables, small farm animals, and poultry which have stood the test of time and there are a great many varieties my grandparents knew that are still around. I’ve been particularly interested…

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Quick Tips: Archaeological Techniques –Use of Isotopes in Archaeology.

Originally posted on All Things AAFS!:
Isotopic analysis is widely used within the worlds of archaeology and anthropology. From analysing isotopes we’re able to uncover a wide range of information regarding the past; ranging from palaeoenvironments to palaeodiets, and even…

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Upper Paleolithic Tool Kit Essential Skills

Here is a short but excellent video describing through actual production of blade-based lithic tool production.  Watch, learn, and love. Explicación de los procesos de elaboración de útiles óseos y líticos durante el Paleolítico Superior. Durante el Paleolítico Superior el … Continue reading

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UF9076–A Complete Skull and Jaws of a Giant Lion (Panthera atrox) Found in the Ichetucknee River, Florida

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
A little over 50 years ago, a lucky fossil hunter found the complete skull and jaws of a giant lion in the Ichetucknee River.  This remarkable specimen was missing just a few teeth.  One can imagine how…

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Morning Foragers

Winter came slowly and late to the Southern High Plains this year but finally hit us with a bang just over a week ago.  Many birds were killed in the recent blizzard as were large numbers of cattle.  I suspect … Continue reading

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Wild Squash (Cucurbita sp.) was Abundant during the Pleistocene

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
A new study suggests wild squash and megafauna had a long mutually beneficial relationship during the Pleistocene.  Wild squash evolved bitter poisons known as cucurbitains in their flesh that discouraged seed consumption by rodents.  However, large…

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Projectile Points from the Upper Magdalenian; expanding horizons beyond North America

Projectile insets and backed pieces from the Upper Magdalenian of La Madeleine (Tursac, Dordogne, France), new data from lithic technology Alexis Taylor, in Paleo, Revue d’Archeologie Prehistorique I never lost interest in the Upper Paleolithic of Europe despite the fact … Continue reading

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Pleistocene Megafauna Wallows and Southern Appalachian Bogs

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
The wallowing, trampling, and foraging of Pleistocene megafauna probably maintained the open character of mountain bogs in the southern Appalachians during the Ice Ages.  Bogs were common natural environments during moist interstadials when cool temperatures reduced…

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Failed in Production

Here’s a closer look at a Clovis point that appears to have failed in production.  It looks like it was carried around and used as a general cutting tool in it’s second life-cycle then dropped near a mammoth kill.  Beautiful … Continue reading

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Large Pleistocene Carnivores Kept Megaherbivore Populations in Check

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
A brand new study suggests large packs of big carnivores kept populations of megaherbivores in check during the Pleistocene.  This finding seems like a no-brainer, but some paleoecologists believe megaherbivores suffered little mortality attributable to predation…

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