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One Day Left!

Bid now! Bid high! The Rutz “Clovis” point is up for auction tomorrow!  Starting bid is $50,000 for an enormous surface-collected Clovis arrowhead. We are assured this is “genuine” and it has been confirmed by John Mark Clark, a renowned … Continue reading

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and with Impeccable Timing…

All day, every day at the Paleoamerican Odyssey we were bombarded with a few images on the information televisions.  One of these images was the Rutz Clovis point.  It, or at least a good cast, was viewable in the artifact … Continue reading

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Looted Site in Texas

This year’s drought in Texas has caused water levels to drop significantly at many lakes, including Lake Whitney near Hillsboro in East Texas.  This drop in water level has exposed prehistoric sites along the lake, some of which are as … Continue reading

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So Much Happening

So much happening, no time to post.  Lithic analysis, photo scanning, database building, site maintenance, artifact donations, collections photography, tracking down un-returned loans, writing papers… Our apologies for not posting regularly but our intentions are to put out more and … Continue reading

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