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After Decades of Frozen Stagnation

It’s not often profitable to point out the negative but conversely, it doesn’t do us good to hide our problems and pretend they don’t exist. We have been making small improvements over the past year in the Blackwater Draw Museum … Continue reading

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Rancho La Brea Photo Album

Recent travels allowed for a quick visit to the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits.  Now in their one hundredth year of excavation, the site has yielded over 600 species to date with a NISP of over 3.5 … Continue reading

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Heading to England?

If you plan to be in England this summer… EVENING WALK AMONGST THE STONES AT STONEHENGE – 23 August 7:30 pm, Thursday, 23 August, 2012 An opportunity to get close to the stones and learn more about the monument and … Continue reading

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Upcoming Exhibit

Projectile Points from Blackwater Draw will be on display at an upcoming exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico from May 11, 2012 – January 2014.  The exhibit is titled “It’s About Time: 14,000 Years … Continue reading

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Recent Activity at the Clovis Site

Lots of activity at the site.  Preparing to open for the season, giving guided tours to visitors, working on the analysis and re-writing our story.  We also had some professional photography done recently and will add those images in the … Continue reading

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Bronze Age Technology

The recovered portion of the Dover Boat on display. Robin Wood is a remarkable traditional craftsman from Britain.  He has recently been involved with replicating the Dover Boat, a Bronze Age ship discovered in 1992 (see the news article here).  … Continue reading

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From the log of the Starship Enterprise

In January of 1967, an episode of Star Trek entitled “The Galileo Seven” aired, and caught the attention of Dr. George Agogino, a past Director of the Paleo-Indian Institute at Eastern New Mexico University. In the episode, Spock and his … Continue reading

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Where Does the Time Go?

Too much data, not enough time.  The story of archaeological research. I began a mapping project of the bonebed excavations in our Interpretive Center about two-and-a-half years ago.  It has been on hold more than it has been an active … Continue reading

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Mammoth Sculpture

A new work by Jud Turner caught my attention as I really want a mammoth representation for the Clovis site.  Much of his work is from found or salvaged objects but have a distinctly biological “feel”. I know it doesn’t … Continue reading

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