Climate Study Locations

Isequilla’s Pit: “Isequilla’s Pit” is an area of Blackwater Locality #1, that was partially excavated by Alberto Isequilla from 1967-1970. He abruptly abandoned his fieldwork, and left 10 meter long profile that documents environmental changes up to approximately 13,500 years ago.

Folsom Block: The Folsom-age block is a 2x1x0.5 meter block of sediments from the Folsom stratum of the now-destroyed North Bank of Blackwater Locality #1 which was salvaged in the 1960’s in a plaster jacket.


Broadview Playa: Broadview Playa is a recently discovered pluvial feature exposed by the erosion of a 4-meter deep arroyo located just north of the caprock escapement near Broadview, NM.


Locality X: This locality is a few hundred meters Southeast of Isequilla’s Pit. This locality appears to be a Paleoindian camp.


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