Folsom Block

The “Folsom Block” or “Folsom Wedge” is a large jacketed block of sediment and bone from the Folsom period of the site. The wedge was salvaged from a collapsing exposure in the 1960’s. In the last few years the sample has been taken out of storage, and graduate students of ENMU have been excavating to determine what area of the site it was originally located, and to confirm it Folsom period date.

Previous Posts Involving The Folsom Block:

Projects Page

Folsom Wedge

Folsom Wedge Excavation In Progress – 2011

Resuming The Folsom Wedge Excavation – 2011

Bone Identification And Cleaning – 2009

Sediment Sampling – 2009

Removal of Plaster From Folsom Wedge Reveals Dense Bone – 2009

Mapping – 2009

Folsom Wedge Successfully Moved – 2009

Folsom Block Prepared To Move For Analysis – 2009

Folsom Wedge Stabilization – 2009


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