2010 Open House, April

The open house was possibly our largest event ever at the Clovis site (in modern times).  There were an estimated 300 people attending the event over a two day period.  The highlight of the weekend were the experimental pottery firings by Eric Blinman of the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies.  Other participants included a visit from the New Mexico Van of Enchantment and demonstrations of yucca sandals, friction fire making, hide tanning, atlatl throwing, and cordage making.  Thanks to all those who participated to make this event happen.  A special thanks to Eric Blinman, Amanda Lujan, Heather Davis, Stacey Bennett, Sara Millward, Ward Beers, Tommy Heflin, and all those who gave time to this important event.

The thumbnails load randomly so it may look different each visit.

If anyone else has photos that they would be willing to add to this gallery, please contact me.


3 Responses to 2010 Open House, April

  1. Otis says:

    Really sorry I missed this one George. Looks like a lot of fun. Otis

  2. David Lewis says:

    I’m very interested in flintknapping classes.


    • paleotool says:

      We don’t offer a flintknapping class but if you are in this area, there is an excellent group that gets together weekly and you can learn there. Contact me via email and I’ll connect you.

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