9 thoughts on “2010 Field School

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  2. These are really exciting photos. Being on an actual dig and finding evidence of what you are looking for must be so rewarding. That must be Indiana Jones in the hat! :D

    • Hi Paula. I am curious.
      How did the ENMU “field school ruin(s) a budding archaeologist for life?”
      I assume you enrolled in the course this year. If so, can you share the one most memorable moment?
      Thanks for taking time to read and reply.

      • Tony,
        In case Paula doesn’t get back right away… She was a former field school student here from about ten years ago. As you know, a great site for field school can make a lot of otherwise good archaeology pale in comparison. I hope I’m not overstepping in answering nor do I want to speak for her.

        As an aside, we put in a series of cores near your previous units at Mitchell and Haynes is working with them currently.

  3. George
    Of course you are not overstepping boundaries! You know from experience how a fantastic field school at a world renowned site like blackwater can skew a students perpective of the rest of archaeology (as in the world of CRM rather than academics). Am currently visiting the location of a geoarch/early man site in Idaho. Very interesting,informative and remniscent of old times.

  4. Perhaps a more appropriate term would be”spoiled” rather than ruined. I know I was honored and more than a bit spoiled by BWD fieldschool (more than 10 years ago) george

    • Thanks. You were definitely a star student and enough of a sucker to take up archaeology as a “career”. At least its better than a real job. That’s what I think at least.

  5. I concur. Still a sucker after all these years. Take good care of my bones George. They may be the only thing that lives on after me

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