Folsom Wedge 2009

We are initiating a number of new projects at Blackwater Draw, including the excavation of the “Folsom wedge” – a large block of the Folsom level that was jacketed in plaster and salvaged ahead of gravel mining in the 1960’s, the organization of a summer fieldschool through Eastern New Mexico University, and completion of a master cataloging and inventory project.


Field School 2009

In 2009 Dr. David Kilby and George Crawford re-opened a deeply buried excavation in the South Bank area of the Clovis site.  The excavation was begun in the late 1960s by Alberto Isequilla but was unfortunately never finished.  The original crew excavated through more than 3 meters of sediments and just barely reached the Late Paleoindian occupation level.

Dune Field Excavation 2010

July 2010 Dune Field Excavation

Field School 2010

Start of the Season


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