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More About the Lower Younger Dryas Boundary

IMPLICATIONS FROM CHEMICAL, STRUCTURAL AND MINERALOGICAL STUDIES OF MAGNETIC MICROSPHERULES FROM AROUND THE LOWER YOUNGER DRYAS BOUNDARY (NEW MEXICO, USA) Andronikov et. al. 2016 Printed in the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography ABSTRACT. Hollow magnetic microspherules from along the … Continue reading

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Clovis Unifacial Knife

Another great one that really benefits from scanning.  A Clovis uniface found in the North Bank Mammoth kills in the early 1960s.  Enjoy! ENMU – Clovis Uniface (LA3324-24121) by Dr. Robert Z. Selden Jr. on Sketchfab

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3D Scanning

Dr. Zac Selden has been doing a lot of 3D scanning with one of our own faculty, Katy Putsavage.  Although initially the focus was on pottery from the Miles Collection, he was kind enough to take on some Paleoindian artifacts … Continue reading

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Upper Paleolithic Tool Kit Essential Skills

Here is a short but excellent video describing through actual production of blade-based lithic tool production.  Watch, learn, and love. Explicación de los procesos de elaboración de útiles óseos y líticos durante el Paleolítico Superior. Durante el Paleolítico Superior el … Continue reading

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Pleistocene Megafauna Wallows and Southern Appalachian Bogs

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
The wallowing, trampling, and foraging of Pleistocene megafauna probably maintained the open character of mountain bogs in the southern Appalachians during the Ice Ages.  Bogs were common natural environments during moist interstadials when cool temperatures reduced…

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2015 Atlatl Day at Blackwater Draw

It’s been seven years since this fell on Halloween and it was great to see people dress in costume to come out; especially the little kids. Thanks to all who attended and supported the Mu Alpha Nu Atlatl Day again … Continue reading

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Changes Ahead and an Update from the Director

About our web presence or disturbing lack thereof: We have been working with our Communication Services Department for some months now to develop a new and better website that is university sanctioned. Until recently, blogs like mine, had to be … Continue reading

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Prehistory Day 2015

Here are a few photos of the Blackwater Draw Open House and Prehistory Day.  Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who dedicated a Saturday to make this event possible.  As usual, we were all so busy that … Continue reading

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The North Bank Excavations ca. 1963

Here is a great photo-mosaic from the North Bank excavations in the early 1960s.  The humans in the background examining the stratigraphy really put the Clovis-age mammoths in their proper scale.  Unfortunately, Mammoth IV in the background is covered in … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dog Article

A very important and fascinating subject to undertake.  Here’s an interesting new article about the domestication of dogs from Science. Dogs were the very first thing humans domesticated—before any plant, before any other animal. Yet despite decades of study, researchers … Continue reading

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Tusk Weight

I have been searching for some time for information about the weight of mammoth tusks.  I quite inadvertently came across this today while searching something else.  Such is the way of libraries and the internet.  It seems that the old … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Vero Beach Mammoth

We, at the Clovis site, have a tie to Vero Beach through the work of Dr. Elias Sellards.  Much of his work in New Mexico was forty years later but we owe a great debt to his research out here. … Continue reading

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