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Mammoths in Corvallis, Oregon

Unless you live under a rock, or are lucky enough to avoid all media, you probably know there is some good and interesting news from Oregon this week. Loren Davis, an associate professor of anthropology at OSU, was called to … Continue reading

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Pleistocene Megafauna Wallows and Southern Appalachian Bogs

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
The wallowing, trampling, and foraging of Pleistocene megafauna probably maintained the open character of mountain bogs in the southern Appalachians during the Ice Ages.  Bogs were common natural environments during moist interstadials when cool temperatures reduced…

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Failed in Production

Here’s a closer look at a Clovis point that appears to have failed in production.  It looks like it was carried around and used as a general cutting tool in it’s second life-cycle then dropped near a mammoth kill.  Beautiful … Continue reading

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Changes Ahead and an Update from the Director

About our web presence or disturbing lack thereof: We have been working with our Communication Services Department for some months now to develop a new and better website that is university sanctioned. Until recently, blogs like mine, had to be … Continue reading

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Prehistory Day 2015

Here are a few photos of the Blackwater Draw Open House and Prehistory Day.  Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who dedicated a Saturday to make this event possible.  As usual, we were all so busy that … Continue reading

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The North Bank Excavations ca. 1963

Here is a great photo-mosaic from the North Bank excavations in the early 1960s.  The humans in the background examining the stratigraphy really put the Clovis-age mammoths in their proper scale.  Unfortunately, Mammoth IV in the background is covered in … Continue reading

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Tusk Weight

I have been searching for some time for information about the weight of mammoth tusks.  I quite inadvertently came across this today while searching something else.  Such is the way of libraries and the internet.  It seems that the old … Continue reading

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Catching Up on the Blog

Too many projects and too few hands have meant that the Blackwater Draw blog gets neglected more than it should.  Too much time is spent in petty bureaucracy, assisting other researchers with their personal projects, and fixing the many problems … Continue reading

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The Giant Short-Faced Bear (Arctodus simus) was not as Bizarre as Originally Thought

Originally posted on GeorgiaBeforePeople:
Scientists first described the giant short-faced bear as an unusually long-limbed bruin with a shortened catlike face.  Some proposed this species outran prey, much like a cheetah does.  However, later studies determined it was not a…

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Revisiting the Vero Beach Mammoth

We, at the Clovis site, have a tie to Vero Beach through the work of Dr. Elias Sellards.  Much of his work in New Mexico was forty years later but we owe a great debt to his research out here. … Continue reading

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Open House 2015

2 May 2015 – Prehistory Day and Open House at the Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark Join us for our part of New Mexico’s Cultural Heritage Month, May 2nd from 9:00 to 5:00.  This event is free and open to … Continue reading

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The signature species of the Great Plains of North America. They were utilized in abundance by prehistoric people and are extremely common at the Clovis site. The hunting traps at Blackwater Draw were in regular use for thousands of years. … Continue reading

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