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Working on the Re-model

I was told by a very wise museum professional last year that to hope to have a new museum in place inside a year was extremely optimistic.  Even a small one.  I think I could hear the word “crazy” in … Continue reading

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The North Bank Excavations ca. 1963

Here is a great photo-mosaic from the North Bank excavations in the early 1960s.  The humans in the background examining the stratigraphy really put the Clovis-age mammoths in their proper scale.  Unfortunately, Mammoth IV in the background is covered in … Continue reading

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Loss of Water

Once upon a time, there was almost too much ground water in the Blackwater Draw area to deal with in deep excavations. Center-pivot irrigation came into vogue in the region from 1967. Stories from the gravel mining era indicate that … Continue reading

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Thesis for Download

Bennett, Stacey D. 2014    Blackwater Locality 1: Synthesis of South Bank Archaeology 1933-2013.  Unpublished Masters Thesis, Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology, Eastern New Mexico University, Portales. The S.D. Bennett Thesis is now available for download HERE.

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POSTER – The Clovis Site: Analysis and Synthesis

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Following Up on the South Bank

The South Bank of the Clovis site refers to an area at the southern end of the prehistoric pond around which lie a group of cultural sites spanning a time from the end of the last ice age until recent … Continue reading

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A Bison Trap at the Clovis Site (poster)

An excellent poster about Ms. Bennett’s work on the South Bank Bison Trap at the Clovis Site.  Click the image for a larger image or the following for a full pdf: Bison Trap_S.Bennett_10-7-2013_smallest

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Late Paleoindian Bison

An interesting day, as usual.  The Late Paleoindian sediments have yielded many intact bison over the years that have to be seen to be appreciated. I decided to make an attempt to collect the forelimb as a whole.  Paleobond helped … Continue reading

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Field School Update

Lots of remarkable progress has been made using the field school students in and out of the South Bank Building.  The bonebed has yielded a few surprises and given up more excellent paleontological specimens.  More information to come, but here … Continue reading

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An Excursion to Water Canyon

A tardy post. Several weeks back I, along with David Kilby, was fortunate to be asked to come help with an excavation in  central New Mexico. The project was the brainchild of Robert Dello-Russo from the New Mexico Office of … Continue reading

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New Mexico Archaeological Council Newsletter

The most recent New Mexico Archaeological Council newsletter is out.  this issue focuses on Paleoindian archaeology and includes a short article of recent activities at the Clovis site.  Click here to download.  If you are a New Mexican, or have … Continue reading

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Ice Age Predators from the Early Paleoindian Period

We don’t find many predators in our assemblages on the Southern High Plains.  When we do, it is generally a tooth, a single toe bone, or a few bits.  Predators weren’t hunted in droves and likely wander off to die … Continue reading

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