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3D Scanning

Dr. Zac Selden has been doing a lot of 3D scanning with one of our own faculty, Katy Putsavage.  Although initially the focus was on pottery from the Miles Collection, he was kind enough to take on some Paleoindian artifacts … Continue reading

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Here are a few wildlife photos from around the Landmark.  Being surrounded on three sides by industrial agriculture has created an island refuge on the property.  Having the most topography in the county creates some micro-climates and environments not found … Continue reading

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Bird Watching at Blackwater

There are many bird watchers that visit the Blackwater Draw site.  Many visitors gleefully return from their mile hike around the site, binoculars dangling, to mention particular bird sightings.  This weekend was a delightful exception. One of our visitors, Robert Templeton of … Continue reading

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Shadows and Stone

Despite what many of us were taught while learning the trades of the cultural resource management world, archaeological imaging does not have to be dull, drab, or black-and-white. Ken Williams’ photography, as seen on ShadowsandStone.com, highlights some amazing stoneworks of prehistoric western Europe … Continue reading

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Messing About With PhotoShop

I am very visual and like to see things on a large-scale so I recently re-scaled and stitched together a portion of our work on the South Bank bone bed.  If this image is to be used for publication, it … Continue reading

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Hawk and Snake

Blackwater Draw is still an active hunting site. I was fortunate enough to see an amazing wildlife battle yesterday evening.  It was life at its rawest on the Llano Estacado.  I wanted to be an impartial observer but, being human, … Continue reading

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