From the log of the Starship Enterprise

In January of 1967, an episode of Star Trek entitled “The Galileo Seven” aired, and caught the attention of Dr. George Agogino, a past Director of the Paleo-Indian Institute at Eastern New Mexico University. In the episode, Spock and his crew crash-land on a hostile planet with “caveman” like creatures lurking around, and throwing spears at the crew. Dr. Agogino saw a morphological resemblance between the spear points used in the episode and Folsom points, so he decided to send a letter and request that the spears that were used in the television show be donated to the Blackwater Draw Museum. A few months later Robert Justman, the associate Producer of Star Trek received Agogino’s request, and was enthused to answer it.

Justman noted that the spears were based on the Folsom points that had originally been found in New Mexico in the late 1920s, but he made sure to address the “dramatic license” that was practiced by enlarging the spears to 15 feet in length. Nonetheless, Agogino was still thrilled at the possibility of having Folsom themed Star Trek memorabilia on display.

Below is a scene out of the episode featuring the spears:

Many letters went back and forth between Agogino, Justman, and NBC, mainly addressing shipping and logistics of mailing 15 foot spears, but eventually the spears made their way to Portales, New Mexico, and then to the Blackwater Draw Museum where they are still proudly on display.

Star Trek prop spears on display in the Blackwater Draw Museum.

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4 Responses to From the log of the Starship Enterprise

  1. Paleotool says:

    Love it! A nearly forgotten piece of Americana.

  2. George Agogino was my father. I remember watching the Star Trek episode with my father in January of 1967 when he thought the Folsom-pointed spears being used in their “cave man” episode would make a good addition to the Blackwater Draw Museum he was building. I believe the two spears were originally on the outside of the museum, but must have been moved to an indoor display to protect themf from the weather.

    • Al Beaulieu says:

      I remember your father well. He used to frequent our pawnshop. He bought so much stuff we would let him go through the show cases and wait on himself! I think about him from time to time. He had the greatest laugh! I no idea he achieved so much in such a short time !(I just looked as his obituary) I remember he was instrumental at ENMU and Blackwater Draw museum and like tennis! I’m proud to have known him (sorry this post is off the subject)
      Al Beaulieu
      Clovis NM

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