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The signature species of the Great Plains of North America. They were utilized in abundance by prehistoric people and are extremely common at the Clovis site. The hunting traps at Blackwater Draw were in regular use for thousands of years. … Continue reading

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South Bank Research at the Clovis Site

Bison Trap_S.Bennett_pdf

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Late Paleoindian Bison

An interesting day, as usual.  The Late Paleoindian sediments have yielded many intact bison over the years that have to be seen to be appreciated. I decided to make an attempt to collect the forelimb as a whole.  Paleobond helped … Continue reading

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40,000 year old bison find in Alaska

A nearly complete bison found on the North Slope of Alaska.  Only one scapula missing but it contained horn sheaths, hooves, and hair.  This should provide some excellent data for understanding early bison world-wide. Click the photo for the full … Continue reading

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