End of a Chapter

I officially stepped down today as the Director and driving force of the Clovis Site and Museum (a.k.a. Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark). It was with mixed feelings that I decided it was time to move on from what has really been my life’s work and the focus of my professional thought for most of twenty years.  I was thrilled and honored to officially open with our new exhibit focusing on the 85 years of work at the Clovis site as well as the broader material cultures of the Southern High Plains.

Happily, I was joined by former Director John Montgomery, Curator Jenna Domeischel, ENMU President Steve Gamble, and Jim Warnica (Jim has been affiliated with the Clovis site for 80 years!).

With over 160 people in attendance throughout the day, we were nearly run off our feet.  The local preschool thought it would be a great idea to “drop in” with 25 pre-Kindergarten-age kid’s while we were still opening up!  It was a litmus test for sure.

I would like to personally thank our student staff for the great help they provided today and during the months leading up to the opening: Tawnya Waggle, Rogun Hamm, Patricia Byers (not present today), Malikah Rashid, and Stacey Bennett, whose many concepts and designs are present in the new displays.

I hope my affiliation with the Clovis site does not end here but has created a new chapter in this vast resource with so much still to give.

~GT Crawford




About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee musician ... mostly
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3 Responses to End of a Chapter

  1. Nicholas L. Unger says:

    George Crawford it has been a great part of my life to know you and BWD. I hope your next part of life is good for you and yours. Good Luck, may our paths cross again

  2. Endings are hard; but in my experience, with patience, they enable amazing new opportunities to explore.

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