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Tusk Weight

I have been searching for some time for information about the weight of mammoth tusks.  I quite inadvertently came across this today while searching something else.  Such is the way of libraries and the internet.  It seems that the old … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Vero Beach Mammoth

We, at the Clovis site, have a tie to Vero Beach through the work of Dr. Elias Sellards.  Much of his work in New Mexico was forty years later but we owe a great debt to his research out here. … Continue reading

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Rancho La Brea Photo Album

Recent travels allowed for a quick visit to the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits.  Now in their one hundredth year of excavation, the site has yielded over 600 species to date with a NISP of over 3.5 … Continue reading

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Wicker Mammoth Burning

A fun, and remarkably good-looking, mammoth sculpture in Bluff, Utah.  Set to burn on the solstice to honor the mammoth petroglyphs found nearby.  I love Bluff and wish I could get up there for the event.

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Mammoths didn’t go out with a bang

From Nature… Study suggests Beringia’s shaggy behemoths went extinct after a slow and gradual decline. “Why are there no more woolly mammoths? The last isolated island populations of these huge beasts disappeared about 4,000 years ago — well after the … Continue reading

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Mammoth Butchered By Lions Then Seized By Humans

The Yuka Mammoth.  A very interesting and important find from Siberia tells us some harsh facts about its demise.  Investigators believe it was taken by a large predator, possibly a lion, then stolen away by humans.  “Even more interesting, there … Continue reading

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Mammoth Sculpture

A new work by Jud Turner caught my attention as I really want a mammoth representation for the Clovis site.  Much of his work is from found or salvaged objects but have a distinctly biological “feel”. I know it doesn’t … Continue reading

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